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Oct. 15th, 2006


What do I need to know to create my character?

There have been a number of entries made in the community to help players create their characters, please use these for inspiration. In your character's LiveJournal, please include the following information;
  • Your character's name in the Western standard of given name and then family name (in the Name section of the profile). For help choosing a name, look here

  • Your character's sex (in the Gender section of the profile)

  • Your character's date of birth (in the birth date section of the profile)

  • Your character's appearance (please include this in the Bio part of the profile)

  • Your character's occupation (as above)

  • Your character's background (a biography, i.e: family, schooling, relationships) (as above)

  • The AOL Instant Messenger screenname that you will use for the game, along with any other pertinent contact data (in the boxes provided in the profile page)

  • A picture to represent your character's appearance. You may find an actor or actress you feel is appropriate to your character (or one you based your character on). Then make this image into 100px x 100px JPEG and upload it as a user picture. You can use text and effects, but keep the face visible.

If your character has connections to another character in this community, then please include this information having secured that other character's player's approval. You may ask in this community if you want to be connected to another character!


Are there any rules I should know about?

  • All players must create a LiveJournal or their character (you can name it whatever you wish).

  • All players must create their character and LiveJournal before applying to join this community. See below for the necessary components in crafting a character. If you attempt to join without a character already, you will be rejected. If you have a specific query, contact the GM at badotaku AT gmail . com.

  • All players must maintain their Livejournal with logs of events, with a substantial entry at least once a month.

  • All players must add all the game's character LiveJournals to their Friends List (for a quick way to do so, see here).

  • All players must have access to AOL Instant Messenger (you can download it from here).

  • Players must not submit characters that are not original, for instance named after drama characters, or real celebrities.

  • Players should not expect to only write sex, but instead to create rounded characters which might entail, should they choose, mature themes. If anyone player wishes their character to interact with another on such a basis, please confirm they are okay with such writing. Please contact the moderator if you feel someone did not keep to your wishes in this regard: such behaviour will not be tolerated.
Now you can look at how to create a character.


How do I join Tokyo Nights?

If you are interested in joining Tokyo Nights, then please read through the following notes on the kind of players we are looking for:
  • Players should be interested in character interaction as this is the primary goal of this style of role-playing.

  • Players should be 18 years old or over and mature as some characters may have characters traits or occupations in violent or sex industries. Although no player must role-play with overly mature scenes, some may choose to do so on the basis of their character and with who or where they are interacting.

  • Players are not expected to have substantial knowledge of Tokyo, but rather should be willing to use the internet to research where necessary, and perhaps learn from other players in the game.

  • Players should make a minimum commitment of attempting to interact at least once a week. This is not set in stone, but rather recommended. If players appear to be inactive for over a month, they may be deleted from the community.

  • Players should be self-motivated. The Gamemaster (GM) in this style of game is more akin to a moderator. Storylines will be derived from the characters and their interactions with others, not ordained by the moderators.
Now you can look at the rules.



Faust is a bar in Ikebukero. It is run by a middle-aged man called Yuuki. The bar has a dancing permit and is open from 9pm to 8am, seven days a week. It's selection of music is more upbeat than most places, with jazz fusion and popular ska often heard from within its doors. It has a door charge of 1000 Yen until 4am when entry becomes free.
Being timid


PPCs regarding Akiko.

"Big" Michael Shima and Takeo Shima.

Jun "Big Michael" Shima.

He is the manager of the strip club Leggings. Akiko was a stripper until she ran away because of his son, Takeo Shima. Big Michael is in his early 40's and has long hair that he usually keeps in a ponytail. He was very fond of Akiko, and will be trying to look for her once he's found out she has ran away from Leggings.
Big Michael was a nickname given to him by his little brother from a yakuza gang, Hisayuki Machii. His brother, Jiro, always saw Big Michael as a foreigner. His fashion sense always seemed to be of an American taste. Big Michael's wife was also an American tourist who fell in love with both Japan and Big Michael. His wife Americanized him more, and soon he earned the nickname, Big Michael. That is the name he prefers to go by now.

Takeo Shima.

Takeo is big Michael's son. He is to be the successor of the Leggings. He is 20, and his mother died when he was 13 due to her health. His mother always spoiled him as well and since then, he has always gotten what he wanted.
Takeo is Akiko's violater. He used to take advantage of her when his father was not around. If his father had any knowledge of it, Takeo would surely be punished because his father wanted Akiko for himself. But he never forced himself onto her like Takeo had. Takeo is one of the reasons why Akiko quit the club and is now seeking a new identity. Takeo's personality is a mix between hi father and his Uncle Jiro. Takeo's expensive cothing also comes from America and Italy. However, he still keeps most of the Japanese customs he learned from his Uncle Jiro.
Takeo never quite grew up from his teenage years and still acts as spoiled and rotten as ever. If he does n ot get what he wants, he may get violent. Takeo is also a very perverted man. He is the kind who likes to visit clubs where he could have relations with prostitutes. He is also the man that likes to stare at good looking women with that perverted look in his eyes.

Oct. 14th, 2006



NPCs at Leggings (A strip bar)

These are the names of Akiko's co-workers and roommates (house mates) at her old apartment in Akasaka. Akiko worked at a strip club called Leggings which is also located in Akasaka. The apartment she lived in was small and in a run down neighborhood, but it seems that many strippers who work at Leggings live in the same area.

Kei "Lola" Kuriyama- Co-worker and roommate. Also the closest thing that Akiko can call a friend. They don't know each other's past, but they keep each other company and provide support. She is also the same age as Akiko, 23.
Mari- Co-worker at Leggings. She is Akiko's senior. Mari and Akiko never really got along, but Mari put up with her even though she was jealous of Big Michael's fondness towards Akiko.
Emi- A co-worker at Leggings and also a roommate. She is the youngest and newest of them all. Akiko didn't really like her though, as she had too much of a bubbly personality and was annoying at times. Akiko never really got to know her.

Oct. 15th, 2006


Tadao Kato

Tadao is a mid-ranking yakuza working for the Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan's most dominant yakuza gang. He is ethnically Chinese, his grandparents were placed in labour camps and remained in Japan after the war. His family name came from the boss who 'adopted' Tadao's father into a yakusa family in Nagasaki. The Kato family's organisation was absorbed by the Yamaguchi-gumi in the late 60s, and Tadao was born in the late-70s. His father died during turf wars in the early 80s, but Tadao found himself following in the old man's footsteps. As head of a small band of men, 10 strong, Tadao runs the Yamaguchi-gumi's operations in Shinjuku.


Hosts at Club Adonis, Kabuki-cho

Takahiro Onoe works at Club Adonis, a host club in Kabuki-cho. He is the top ranking host at the club, but there are a number of hosts who are currently NPCs. The currently named ones are (listed from top ranking to lowest):
  • Keisuke - Takahiro's immediate junior.
  • Aki
  • Jun
  • Taro - Joined Adonis in September 2006.
Other hosts work at the bar too, but currently they are unnamed.


Can I have more than one character?

Yes. I will quickly address the issue of multiple characters and character types below.

Players are welcome to control more than one character at a time. However, a second full PC (player character) should be given as much time as your first character.

There may be instances where you want to increase your role-playing time without always using your first (primary) character, perhaps because they are unlikely to meet a certain character, or simply because your character is occupied elsewhere. In such a case, you may wish to create a PPC (Pseudo-Player Character). This is an established character but a secondary one which you control and can roleplay as, but without having to give the character equal time. To create one, simply post a name, a photo of their likeness, and some kind of description to this community. You don't need to be so in depth as your main character, nor must you create an LJ for them. If you wish to do all this, you are looking to create a PC instead. PPCs will be posted to the profile of this community with a link to the specific entry, so please keep PPCs one per post. These posts should be tagged 'PPCs' and made 'public'.

Finally, NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are always going to crop up. These are characters that you write about, but have no intention of running, and are less strictly controlled. Maybe you have some established NPCs that you would like to share with the community for continuity's sake. If you do have, say, a list of your character's closest drinking friends, or work colleagues, then feel free to post them to the group. They might just be a group of names, and may even have summaries. However, please refrain from using photographs unless they are major characters, this will help keep things easy for people looking for photos for their main characters. These posts should be tagged 'NPCs' and made 'public'. It would be helpful if you group these into posts specific to, say, your character's workplace, or your character's friends outside work. Workplace personnel, such as clubs and bars, will be linked to from the profile page.

Oct. 14th, 2006



[This is the eighth in a number of public posts to help with character creation. They will be tagged with 'Character Creation']

This entry will deal with the various kinds of talent around, from gravure to race queens.

General Talent

Race Queens

Gravure Idols

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